1-2-3 walk & play

Take the children for a nature walk and enjoy some play along the way!

Here are some notes on 1-2-3 walks that go past or near to children’s play equipment. Click the link for the map and pictures to give you an idea of what to expect.

NB: They will not all be suitable for pushchairs, especially rural footpaths and woods, especially in winter.

Battle Health Pathway 0.4m
A new surfaced path around Battle Rec that is great for pushchairs and wheelchairs, and also has several sets of terrific play equipment at the top, open play fields, and bike ramps at the bottom. Free parking.
Nearby postcode: TN33 0HG

Battle – Mansers Shaw 1.1m
This is a woody little walk with a pretty babbling stream and you can easily cut through to Battle Recreation Ground (as above) that has lots of excellent play equipment.
Woodland paths muddy in winter, include steps/uneven parts, not suitable for pushchairs.
Nearby postcode: TN33 0XD

Bexhill – Broad Oak Park 1.1m
A charming woodland walk wrapped around Little Common Rec with two free car parks, a playing field and great play equipment. Woodland paths unlikely to be suitable for pushchairs.
Nearby postcode: TN39 4PG/TN39 4LZ

Bexhill – Egerton Park
A lot of fabulous children’s play stuff here for kids of different ages, including a zip wire and outdoor gym equipment, living willow tunnels and a dinosaur egg! If you are doing the 123 loop on our map, you’ll also find some interesting children’s features along the prom. All totally manageable for pushchairs. Café, toilets. On street parking (NB. Restrictions on some roads recently introduced.) Nearby postcode: TN39 3HW

Chiddingly & Muddles Green 2.4m
This is a pretty rural footpath loop through field footpaths and open countryside (including possibility of grazing cattle). There is a playground at Muddles Green. Nearby postcode: BN8 6HE

Crowborough Country Park & The Ghyll 2.9m
There is a play area near the Jarvis Brook car park just before the entrance to The Ghyll. You could make a nice walk just going around The Ghyll (however, uneven/muddy, not suitable for pushchairs). Nearby postcode: TN6 2EN

Crowborough – Walshes Park 1.5m
This is a new park that has surfaced paths suitable for all users around the top half (about 1m loop). There are big views and lots of young planting, signs with archaeological and historical info, a pretty stream-side boardwalk, and a nice children’s play area nearby. Small car park. Nearby postcode: TN6 3EF

Eastbourne – Gildredge Park 1.4m
Great children’s play equipment here, as well as interesting features to explore (like tree sculptures, rocks and secret pathways); cafe and toilets. Some steps at top end so might not all be manageable for pushchairs. Some on site parking and plenty of nearby street parking. Nearby postcode: BN21 1HB

Eastbourne – Hampden Park 1m
A park that the children will love with lots of water birds on the pond (and duck food for sale in the café), a woodland section, skate ramps, playing field and fabulous play equipment. Free parking, café, toilets.
Nearby postcode: BN22 9QR

Eastbourne – Helen Garden/Wishtower Slope
Play equipment in Helen Gardens before you enjoy this beautiful seafront walk. There are lots of twisty little sets of steps between the tiers that the children will enjoy discovering (but probably won’t be manageable with a pushchair). Café, toilets. Nearby postcode: BN20 7XL

Eastbourne – Shinewater Park
A large play area at the entrance to this park, and look out for the ducks, swans, geese and cormorants as you go round. Paths suitable for pushchairs (not lake views) but route cannot be made shorter as it round goes around the Lake. On street parking. Nearby postcode: BN23 8DA

Eastbourne – Whitbread Hollow 1.6m
A lovely little bit of South Downs. This walk starts at Helen Garden (see above) so you can pop in there as you pass for play equipment, toilets and cafe. The track that curves round to go into the Hollow is a little uneven but might be OK for some pushchairs; the steep step straight up from the road won’t be. Nearby postcode: BN20 7XL

Framfield – Coneybury Wood 2.5m
This is a rolling rural footpath walk that starts at Framfield Rec with nice playground equipment in a very pretty setting. Not suitable for pushchairs.
Nearby postcode: TN22 5NP

Hailsham – Harebeating & Marshfoot Lane 2.1m
As you walk along Marshfoot Lane, you will pass the Maurice Thornton Playing Field which has some nice play equipment. This is a rural footpath walk and has some stiles, so won’t be suitable for pushchairs; grazing livestock. Nearby postcode: BN27 2AX

Hastings – Alexandra Park
A beautiful park with a good play area, water features, wide open play spaces, café, toilets. The low loop has smooth surfaced paths suitable for all, the longer walks (around Shornden Reservoir or Coronation Wood) get more uneven so no good for pushchairs but great for nature-loving kids.
On street parking. Nearby postcode: TN34 2LD

Heathfield – Cuckoo Trail (south)
The Cuckoo Trail is great for all users, smooth surfaced for pushchairs or children with scooters or bikes. Heading south out of Heathfield, you can make a little loop that include the Leeves Road play area (but via steps, so not with the pushchairs and bikes). Nearby postcode: TN21 8DA

Hellingly Country Park 0.9m
This is a very lovely newly-restored park with some woody sections, a lake, smooth paths and several sections of varied and lots of different sorts of children’s play equipment. Free parking at the Community Centre. Nearby postcode: BN27 4EP

Hellingly – Cuckoo Trail loop 1.8m
This walk is quite near to Hellingly Country Park (above) so you could pay a visit to the children’s playground after your Cuckoo Trail walk. The field footpath section would not be suitable for pushchairs. Nearby postcode: BN27 4FA

Hellingly – Park Wood 1.7m
A very pretty woodland walk and very near to Hellingly Country Park (above) so you could easily combine the two. Woodland paths unlikely to be suitable for pushchairs in winter, but some might be manageable in summer. Nearby postcode: BN27 4EP

Herstmonceux – Trolliloes/Pebsham 3.9m
This is one of our longest walks and quite challenging with lots of stiles and livestock, but if your kids can manage that, then the car park is almost opposite the Rec with lovely new equipment. Nearby postcode: BN27 4NQ

Icklesham – Pannel Valley Nature Reserve 2.4 or 3.1m
A rolling countryside/riverside/woodland walk with gorgeous scenery and a windmill, plus the Rec at the start has a nice playground and terrific views.
Nearby postcode: TN36 4BJ

Lewes – The Pells/The Ouse 2.6m
There are a couple of little play areas along the way with this walk, one at the Pells, one on Landport Road. The field footpaths can get muddy, it won’t be suitable for pushchairs, and there were grazing cows when I went.
Nearby postcode: BN7 2BA

Lewes – Three Gardens – Southover/Priory/Railway Land 2.2m
As well as the interesting features along the way, such as the spiral rivers and circular paths of the Railway Land, the awe-inspiring Priory ruins and the secret corners hiding in the walled garden at Southover, there’s a great little playground in Convent Field, just as you come out of eastern end of the Priory. The slope is a little bit steep, be prepared.

Mayfield – Vicarage Wood 2m
Lovely playground with scenic backdrop at Mayfield Rec, which this walk cuts across to reach the path towards the woodland loop (not suitable for pushchairs). Free toilets at the free car park on South Street.
Nearby postcode: TN20 6DF

Newick – Beechland Mill Wood 1.5m
Another walk that cuts across a Rec to reach the paths to the wood. Nice play area in a lovely rural setting. (Woodland walk, probably not suitable for pushchairs; no stiles but some footbridges with big step up.) Nearby postcode: BN8 4RF

Northiam – Great Dixter 2.6m
This is a rolling countryside walk through farm fields of crops and sheep, passing the historic house. In the village, you will also pass Northiam playing field with a playground and zip wire. (Rural footpaths, not suitable for pushchairs.)
Nearby postcode: TN31 6ND

Peacehaven – Centenary Park 1.9m
An amazing adventure playground, lots of really varied and cool equipment. Lots of the path is surfaced and suitable for pushchairs (not the whole route drawn on the 123 map), loads of benches, a café, toilets and free parking.
Nearby postcode: BN10 8RJ

Peacehaven Centenary Park

Peacehaven – Telscombe Tye/Chatsworth Park 3.4m
The Tye is a large, high open space, very popular for walkers, and this route includes Chatsworth Park to make a loop. There is a nice playground on the Kilby Drive edge of Chatsworth Park, and if you have small children or pushchairs, you might just do this part of the walk. Nearby postcode: BN10 7ND

Peasmarsh – Iden Wood 3.3m
The start/finish of this walk will take you right by a very sweet little playground on The Old Hop Garden, just off the Maltings. (Not suitable for pushchairs.) Nearby postcode: TN31 6SS

Robertsbridge – Railways/Rivers/Mill 2.6m
This walk passes the far end of Robertsbridge Rec that has a play area and outdoor gym equipment. There are toilets in the free car park, and you are very near to the very pretty high street. Not suitable for pushchairs. Nearby postcode: TN32 5DA

Robertsbridge – Redlands Lane 3.2m
This walk is fairly near to Roberstbridge Rec (as above). The rural/woody footpaths will not be suitable for pushchairs, but part of the walk is on quiet farm lanes that could make a nice out-and-back walk. Crossing the A21 is via a footbridge overpass. Nearby postcode: TN32 5DA

Rye – Leasam Hill 2.4m
This very hilly walk starts/finishes quite near to the play equipment at Tilling Green. You won’t get a pushchair around the whole walk route, although in the summer, if you can get it over the first big step by the bridge, you might manage some of the riverside path. Nearby postcode: TN31 7DT

Seaford – Tide Mills 1.6m
This walk does not have play equipment on the route, but it is fairly near to Salts Recreation Ground. Depending on whether the tide has brought shingle on to the path, the prom part of this walk should be fine for pushchairs. Plenty of free parking. Nearby postcode: BN25 2QR

St Leonards – Three Gardens 2.2m
Gensing Gardens has a great playground and even has some outdoor table tennis tables! There is some lovely contrasting scenery on this walk – parks, ponds, seafronts, architecture, murals. But a few road crossings, and there are some steps in Warrior Square and St Leonards Gardens, so be prepared if you have a pushchair.
Nearby postcode: TN38 0QH

Ticehurst – Bewl Water 3.4m
Not quite on the walk, but Ticehurst playground is fairly near to the start/finish point. This walk would not be manageable for pushchairs, although looping Bewl Water from its main car park should be. Nearby postcode: TN5 7DJ

Uckfield – West Park & Lake Wood 1.9m
Again, not actually on the walk, but West Park play area is nearby. Some really interesting rock formations on this walk that the children will love, but take extra care near the lake edge or at the view points. Not suitable for pushchairs. Nearby postcode: TN22 2BS