How to use 123 maps

Home printer friendly or follow on your phone…

On each walk page, there is a row of four buttons:

Open as PDF to print: Click this one to open a PDF to print straight from your computer. These maps are designed to be home printer friendly – they don’t need much ink, they’re fine in black and white and only need one piece of paper.

Follow on May my Walk: All of the walks were measured on the free app “Map my Walk”. They are set to public so you can follow an interactive map on your phone by installing the app and bookmarking the route:
(1) Install the free Map my Walk app on your phone (you will need to register an account so you might want to do this before you head off for the walk).
(2) Bookmark: Go to the 123 website page you want and click the Map my Walk button; click on the route’s BOOKMARK tab (top left of map).
(3) Follow: Open the Map my Walk app on your phone. Before you press START WORKOUT, click LOAD ROUTE and select from your bookmarks; now START WORKOUT and your little blue dot can follow our red line.
(4) Signal: Be aware, though, that you might lose signal in the rural spots or dense woodland (I did), so a paper map or screenshot back up is strongly advised.

Location on Google maps: To help you find the way there. All of the maps have a postcode on them, but be aware that they are only approximate (because car parks do not usually get post, they do not always have postcodes) so might only get your sat nav fairly near.

Button 4: I have tried to put a link here that I think is most useful. Sometimes it will be a public footpath map so you can look at other options to extend/adapt the walk. Sometimes it is the relevant website or a site map.

All of these walks have been checked and measured for this project…

Checked & measured: Every single one of these walks has been walked and checked specifically for this project (July 2020-July 2021). They are all either public access open spaces or reasonably well signposted public footpaths.

Risk assessed: We have not included walks with significant hazards or confusing signage (at the time of checking). We have done our best to add notes about things like steps, steep gradients, bridges, stiles and the possibility of mud or grazing livestock.
But obviously, things can change depending on seasons, weather and local circumstances – especially mud, overgrown signs/paths and farm animals.
Stay alert, take care and remember you walk at your own risk.

Distance: These walks are one, two or three miles, up to 3.9m, mostly loops but a few out and backs. We have not included times as that will depend on your preferred pace and whether you pause to admire the views… which we highly recommend!

Parking: These walks all have some reasonable parking marked on the map – public car parks, site car parks or sensible on-street parking.

Free: Our maps are completely free for personal use. They are deliberately simple drawings so they do not need too much ink and do not overload with information. If you require a more detailed map or want to explore longer routes, we advise getting an Ordnance Survey map or local site maps where available.

Booklets: We hope to produce printed regional booklets soon.

Finding a walk…

Walks on this website have been arranged into three sections: Eastbourne/Lewes, Wealden, and Rother/Hastings.
Select a walk from the alphabetical grid or scroll through each region using the next/previous buttons.