Take care of the countryside

Keep it lovely for everyone

Protect wildflowers, fungi and wildlife

Remember, this is their home. Try not to disturb or trample things. Watch your feet. Do not pick things.
Make sure nature is still there for other people to enjoy.

Nesting season: February-August

It is especially important to stick to paths and keep your dog close during this time – ground nesting birds can be very hard to see and can be much closer to the path than you think. If they are disturbed, they might abandon their eggs or chicks.
Don’t let your dog go into ponds where birds and invertebrates might be living and breeding.

Be aware of farm animals

Leave gates as you find them so that livestock stay where they are supposed to or can reach food, water and shelter that the farmer has provided.
Dogs should be under close control. Cows that are alarmed by dogs can behave unpredictably, and being frightened can cause pregnant sheep to miscarry.

Litter & dog poo

Put it in the bin or take it away.
It can be a danger to wildlife, can cause pollution, and spoils the walk for everyone else.

BBQs & fires

Only in areas that are marked as safe. Many wildfires are started by inappropriate camp fires or discarded barbeques, causing enormous damage to habitats and killing wildlife.


Park safely and with consideration for the local community.
Do not park on verges – wheels crush wildflowers, disturb or kill wildlife, and can create horrendous mud which spoils it for everyone else.
If the car park is full, come another time.