1-2-3 accessible walks

Wheelchair/buggy friendly

Here are some notes on 1-2-3 walks that have surfaced paths and so should be mud free in winter and suitable for people using wheelchairs or mobility scooters or pushchairs.

NB: the 1-2-3 map routes we have drawn often include unsurfaced minor paths to make a loop whereas the surfaced tracks might be straight out and back. The walk page and photos will give you an idea of what to expect but in many cases, the map is not a fully accessible route.

Suitable for all

Battle Health Pathway
Smooth surfaced path around beautiful Battle recreation ground with stunning countryside views. A walk of just under half a mile. One short stretch of unsurfaced incline on the larger loop but can easily be avoided. Lots of benches, several sets of excellent play equipment, on site parking. Nearby postcode: TN33 0HG

Bexhill – Egerton Park
This is a very pretty park with beautiful planting, lovely water features, lots of ducks, some interesting sculptures, and a great children’s play area. There are smooth surfaced paths all around, and although there are steps at some entrance/exit points, there are slopes nearby. For a longer route (1.4m), include the Polegrove Park and Seafront, with reasonable drop curbs at crossing points. Café & toilets. On street parking (NB. Restrictions on some roads recently introduced.) Nearby postcode: TN39 3HW

Combe Valley – Greenway
A surfaced track through Combe Valley Country Park with striking rural views. Slightly stony and slightly steep in places. Accessibility best from Crowhurst end but very limited parking, avoid peak times. Map shows 1.5 mile each way walk to Watermill bridge, could be shortened at any point; steeper section beyond here. Nearby postcode: TN38 8EG

Crowborough – Walshes Park
This is a very new park that has good surfaced paths around the top half (about 1m loop). There are big views and lots of young planting, signs with archaeological and historical info, a pretty stream-side boardwalk, and a nice children’s play area nearby. Small car park. Nearby postcode: TN6 3EF

Cuckoo Trail
Very pretty, well surfaced, wide straight track (a former railway line) that is suitable for all accessibility needs as a straight up and down walk. The loops included in some of our 123 maps are mostly not wheelchair accessible unfortunately. Free parking and easy access in Hailsham (South Road car park BN27 2DQ), Hellingly (Station Road car park BN27 4FA), Horam (Hillside Drive car park TN21 0HL) and Heathfield – going south (Newnham Way car park TN21 8DA) or north along a slightly stonier surface (Millennium Green car park behind Co-Op TN21 8JD).

Eastbourne – Gildredge Park
A beautiful park with lots of attractive planting features and good facilities, including play equipment, cafes and toilets. Level through lower section; some steps from mid to upper section; steps at exit to the north. Some on site parking and plenty of nearby street parking. Nearby postcode: BN21 1HB

Eastbourne – Hampden Park
Some pavements and surfaced paths, including all-weather woodland paths at one end. Very pretty park with lovely lake and lots of water birds. Café, toilets, children’s play equipment, on site car park and plenty of on street parking. Nearby postcode: BN22 9QR

Eastbourne – Helen Garden/Wishtower Slope
Seafront loop using different levels of the multi level prom. Please note that there are steps at the Helen Garden end of the middle tier, so use the top and bottom tier for accessible option. Also: Holywell Drive is quite steep. Toilets in Helen Garden. Nearby postcode: BN20 7XL

Eastbourne – Shinewater Park
A good surfaced footpath making a loop round the lake at the heart of this park, just occasionally puddly in places. There is only one place where you can see the lake from the footpath without going onto grassy/soft terrain. There are some footbridges, but they do not have steps or big sills. The loop is about 2.5 miles, and you cannot make it shorter. There is a play area and skating ramps. On street parking. Nearby postcode: BN23 8DA

Exceat – Seven Sisters Country Park
Central surfaced track through beautiful riverside country park. Top 0.8 miles is smooth surfaced and suitable for all; a further 0.4 miles is slightly stonier and can be puddly. On site pay and display car park, can get very busy. Nearby postcode: BN25 4AB

Hastings – Alexandra Park
A beautiful, mature park with striking trees, formal planting, water features, and some informal natural areas including woods and lakes. Excellent easy footpaths round the lower park (nearest the town centre) making a loop of just over a mile. Children’s play area. Café. Toilets. On street parking. Nearby postcode: TN34 2LD

Hastings Country Park – Firehills
Half a mile of surfaced path heading down from the car park and then turning left to follow the coast; 1 mile there and back; slight incline on return leg. Stunning views, lots of benches, new visitors’ centre with café and toilets. Pay and display car park. Nearby postcode: TN35 4AD

Hellingly Country Park
Beautiful park with smooth surfaced paths at the top, slightly looser surfaced at the bottom. Mature trees, attractive pond, benches. Large free car park at new community centre; lots of excellent play equipment for children of all ages. Nearby postcode: BN27 4EP

Peacehaven – Centenary Park
Another fairly new park with good surfaced footpaths that loop the western half, straight out/back on the eastern section (about 1m altogether). There is an excellent children’s play area, a café and toilets. Lots of free parking. Nearby postcode: BN10 8RJ

Rye Harbour Nature Reserve
A beautiful coastal nature reserve with a smooth surfaced track straight down from the car park (about 0.7 miles each way) and then turning west for a longer surfaced walk. (Minor paths that make a loop by going between the dunes and lakes are not suitable for wheelchairs.) Large free car park, newly opened Discovery Centre with cafe and toilets. Postcode: TN31 7TX

Uckfield – Horsted Green
A brand new park with surfaced paths all round (1.5m), just occasionally puddly near the ponds. Very nice scenery and layout, and lots of young planting that will become glorious in time. Free on site car park, can get busy. Nearby postcode: TN22 5TH

Suitable for robust wheels

These are places that include paths that are stone surfaced and slightly bumpier/uneven or might have a bit of gradient, suitable for robust off-road scooters or buggies. As above, you might not be able to make a loop.

Arlington Reservoir & Nature Reserve
Stone surfaced path for about half way round (turn left from car park). Slight incline through woodland section, potential for mud. Gates and narrow path around farm prevent a loop. Lovely views across water and out into the countryside. There is a kiosk café & picnic benches. On site pay and display car park. Nearby postcode: BN26 6TF

Battle Great Wood
Forestry England woodland with lots of wide, straight stone surfaced tracks that should be accessible for reasonably robust wheelchairs, scooters or pushchairs. Not all tracks will be suitable but you should be able to enjoy a lot of route options, avoiding minor footpaths that could be muddy and uneven. Free on site car park. Postcode: TN33 0RB

Cripps Corner – Footland Wood
Forestry England woodland with wide stone surfaced central track going straight down from the car park (slightly steep in places) and some left/right options, but not a loop, straight out and back walk only. Large free on site car park. Nearby postcode: TN33 0NT

Dallington – Deer Park
Another Forestry England woodland with central wide stone surfaced track suitable for reasonably robust scooters or pushchairs. Steep in places. 1-2-3 map includes minor paths to make loop; path to view Fuller’s Folly is not suitable for wheels. Very small car park. Nearby postcode: TN21 9LL

Lewes – Southover/Priory/Railway Land
A town walk linking three urban green spaces – the immaculate Southover Gardens, the historic Priory and the rolling Railway Land Nature Reserve. Surfaced paths, no steps or stiles but possibly some street curbs and a slightly steep slope out of the Priory. Lots of local pay and display parking.

Netherfield – Darwell Wood
A Forestry England site with stone surfaced path straight up from the car park (does not make loop). Gets steep, slightly uneven in places. Free car park. Private dwelling within woodland. Nearby postcode: TN32 5JB

Polegate – Abbot’s Wood
This is a Forestry England woodland with lots of wide stone surfaced tracks that are easy access in the summer but could possibly get muddy in winter. There are two well signposted easy walking routes. Large on site pay and display car park, picnic benches and toilets. Postcode: BN26 6SL

Polegate – Sayerland/Shepham/Cuckoo
Several surfaced path options, up the Cuckoo Trail, across to Shepham Lane, but not making a loop. Minor paths that make the 1-2-3 loop unsurfaced and can get muddy in winter, not suitable for wheels. Nearby postcode: BN26 6QF

Seaford – Tide Mills
Mostly prom walk with lovely scenery. Part of the Seaford Bay Exercise Path. Some areas can get pebbly after high tides. (Loop marked on 123 map includes grassy paths and some shingle.) Nearby postcode: BN25 2QR